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New Concept Art - 30/06/04
New Lore - 29/06/04




Harbormaster Rodnar Eldin by malachlite View Comments(0)/Add Comment
21/12/04 - 3:02 pm

Three new lore entries today detail the discovery of a set of islands off the coast (when and which coast?) with a request made to the king of Targonor to commision the construction of a vessel to reach them.

A small set of islands was discovered today off the northern coast. It is hard to say how far away they may be. Very is the sea as clear as it was today, and they were only in view for a matter of hours. No ship we have, however, is strong enough to take us there. So for now, we must wait.


The king has generously granted us the requested funds to attempt to build a ship capable of making the voyage to the islands that we have now seen numerous times. Plans are being drawn as we speak, and with any luck construction will be underway whithin a matter of weeks.


Save for a few minor setbacks, construction on our new ship continues brilliantly. We had some early issues with our wood warping, but after close examination we were able to determine the problem and right it.

Harbormaster Rodnar Eldin

Three Lore Entries by malachlite View Comments(0)/Add Comment
18/12/04 - 5:39 pm

Three lore entries were added earlier this week with two focusing again on the Widow's Veil area and the last highlighting a tension between the Sages Arcane and the Crown of Targonor.

Few places in the known lands contain such a bountiful supply of ore and stones as do the Widow's Veil peaks. Construction of Bordinar's Cleft, Rindol Field and even Tursh all relied at least in part, on stone quarried in the Widow's Veil.

The Widow's Veil Peaks Great Library, New Targonor


When the Halflings called upon their dwarven neighbors to save their fields from flooding, the resulting construction project was a massive undertaking for which generations of Halflings would be indebted. The stone used in the dam was quarried almost entirely in the Widow's Veil

The Widow's Veil Peaks Great Library, New Targonor


The tension between Jeric and the Sages Arcane, I fear, is growing worse. It is no secret Jeric has disliking for the bureaucracy and politics in the organization. I wonder what he will do about it though. What can he do?

Journal of Darion Furth

Contest, Servers, Problems by malachlite View Comments(0)/Add Comment
11/12/04 - 4:02 pm

Roughly 3 days ago we had just completed our move to our new collocation site on our new server when things went bang (in this case literally). After a short retreival from backups we were restored to a new server (sans bang features). However a few problems were still left over such as my inability to gain access to the new server; so when something went wrong yesterday morning I was unable to get it fixed until the server/network owner was able to get in touch with collocation to resolve the issue. Offering no excuses for the messup I would like to apologize to the Entrants, and the community for dropping the ball, and thank Vanguard Hell and Warcry for taking the entries to get voted upon.

New Concept Art by malachlite View Comments(0)/Add Comment
30/06/04 - 5:59 am

A new piece of concept art was posted on the official site today titled: underground opening. With a title like that it should be no surprise that what you get is pretty much a hole in the ground... though it does have some nice rock overhangings. ^__^;;;

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New Lore by malachlite View Comments(0)/Add Comment
29/06/04 - 1:52 pm

Seems to be a Hafling trend recently, but then again it could be just me. Two more entries have been added to the lore of Thestra with one set in the present in Rindol's Field; now giving us a backstory to that dwarven dam concept art piece that was released last month. The second entry recounts events during the age of Loric Targonor thru the eyes of Barret Barleygrove.

I came upon a most impressive sight near Rindol Field. A massive dam, built of worked stone and designed by the denizens of Bordinar's Cleft, helps to regulate the seasonal flodding and allows the Halfling farmers, further downstream, to work their fields with suitable irrigation.

Thelus Duron,
Travels Through the Kingdom


Barret Barleygrove, sat upon his pony and watched as the battle progressed. The combined forces of Loric Targonor made charge after charge towards the Orcish lines. Barret was desperate to join the fight but knew his orders well; to hold the right flank. Duty and honor were both traits instilled in him by his time and training under the tutelage of Loric Targonor.

Heroes of Beranid: A study of the Folk Champions

New Sections: Organizations & Armies of Thestra by malachlite View Comments(0)/Add Comment
27/06/04 - 4:47 pm

Two new sections are running on our site now detailing both the known organizations that operate in Thestra and the armies of the various powers that have existed over the land.

Along with a brief summary of each organizations/armies history, there are also links to the lore that they are mentioned in along with probable information as to their whereabouts.

Expect more to come sonn.

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Editorial by Andy by malachlite View Comments(0)/Add Comment
27/06/04 - 4:44 pm

Over the weekend we had a brand new editorial posted by site contributor Andy.

The latest word from the leader of the fish taco eating Devs is that Vanguard is in a “post alpha” stage. For those keeping score, “post alpha” is generally known as “beta”. A creeping suspicion rears its splotchy head. Granted, there are precious few original ideas in this industry anymore. Has it really come to the point where the game is just an afterthought? Has the “fun factor” been completely replaced by corporate (read that: Dev) greed for the next big cash cow? The signs are aplenty if your eyes are not blinded by the light of empty praise.

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New Lore... Halp & The Field Thief by Ariadne View Comments(0)/Add Comment
26/06/04 - 4:53 pm

We are introduced to a halfling named Halp Grimbo, an accomplished gardner living in Rindol field with his wife Jensa. He appears to be not so much a brave soul, but his huge heart and strong character overcomes his fear to defeat the first of the soon to be many Giant Ants causing destruction to his homeland.

And that is when Halp began his tale. He told of how he found his garden destroyed. He went on to share the discovery of the tracks leading to the burrow, and his battle with the ant. Not many in Rindol Field that day went without hearing the story as Halp stood at the Town Hall and told it as long as he had listeners. The folk were abuzz with the size of the ant. They also congratulated Halp for his bravery and some even compared him to Barret Barleygrove.

The heroic tale of Halp Grimbo,gives us a glimpse of what is sure to be a pesky creature near Rindol Field.

Don't miss the entire story on the Official Site.

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Warcry Interview by malachlite View Comments(0)/Add Comment
26/06/04 - 12:38 am

Kiranth has posted an interview with Brad over at Warcry. The interview varies talking about topics such as Hyper-Node Domains

Also along with the interview are three brand new screenshots, one of which gives us the first clear view of a Vulmane.

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New Addition to the Lore of Willem's Stand by Ariadne View Comments(0)/Add Comment
23/06/04 - 11:37 pm

Part 2 gives us more information surrounding Captain Rastus Willem and his new-found post. As seen from the eyes of Edonus Taggart, the description of Captain Willem is enigmatic, as little is revealed about him. Taggart merely tells us the fact that he once served as a senior officer in the royal court guard. This makes us wonder whether the demotion was voluntary or mandatory. Presumably, a follow-up letter will provide us with the answers we seek.

In the meantime, check out Taggart's letter on the official Vanguard site.

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New Concept Art by malachlite View Comments(0)/Add Comment
23/06/04 - 11:19 am

A new piece of concept art titled the 'half giant door' was posted today. Too bad a human size comparison was not given as well ^__^;;;

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New Lore by malachlite View Comments(0)/Add Comment
23/06/04 - 11:18 am

Two more excerpts from the books of Thelus Duron have been posted and once again they highlight the lives and times of the halfings of Thestra located in Rindol's Field. The first piece talks about the beliefs of the halfing community (mentioing two of their gods) while the excerpt from the other book reveals a bit more about their society.

Religion does play a role in modern Halfling society, albeit a small one. Many customs have evolved around the worship of deities; however there are not many Halflings whom have dedicated their lives to serving their gods. I witnessed a harvest song to Nobbon as well as a rather bawdy and drunken revelry led by worshipers of Tharridon. Clearly religion is not a heavily formalized affair in Rindol Field, at least nothing like what is experienced in the Temple of New Targonor.

Thelus Duron, The peoples of Thestra and its environs.


Upon my visit to Rindol Field, I was struck by how sociable and jovial the Halflings are. I was invited to supper, and then to stay the night, by one family. After a delightful meal, a round of story telling ensued. I heard many enjoyable tales including one about a farmer, Halp Grimbo, and his battle with a giant ant. I even contributed my own story as well to the gathering. However, I was unprepared for the barrage of questions I recieved after the telling. Everything from my heritage, the streets of New Targonor, the lands I have visited previously, and the contents of my knapsack were subjects of many queries. The people of Rindol Field are certainly an inquisitive bunch.

Thelus Duron, Travels Through the Kingdom

No July Fanguard? by malachlite View Comments(0)/Add Comment
22/06/04 - 6:42 pm

According to AbigaileSGO on the IRC channel today there might not be a Fanguard in July as was previously being planned.

A Timeline of Thestra by malachlite View Comments(0)/Add Comment
20/06/04 - 5:02 pm

After combing over the currently released world lore, we decided to piece as much as we could together into one unifying chronology of the continent. Inside you will find the known events of the world from the unification of the old Kingdom of Thestra, up to the fall of Targonor, the events that proceeded it, and the establishment of the new city.

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Morgan's Tale Part Seven by malachlite View Comments(0)/Add Comment
19/06/04 - 7:01 am

The seventh installement of Morgan's Tale has just been posted on the official website.

The blacksmith's forge was dimly lit, and smelt of burning coals. A grimy smoke wafted through the air and seemed to stick upon everything it touched. Racks stuffed with various weapons and tools lined the walls and a long wooden counter split the room in two. Metal spikes and bolts lay strewn across its scarred top. Behind it an aging, barrel chested man stood hunched over the forge, his back to the door. He held in one hand a large hammer. The other was wrapped in a dirty looking rag and clung tightly to an iron handle protruding from the pulsing orange glow of the forge. He drew back the hammer to strike at the hot ember once more.

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